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Muscle Tension Dysphonia


Muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) is a condition of the throat where the strap muscles and other neck muscles have excessive tension or strain, which produces a constricted and tight voicing pattern.  Patients with MTD notice that their voice fatigues at the end of the day, or after increased use.  There is often an associated globus sensation, which is a sensation that something is "stuck in the throat."  Occasionally the swallowing musculature is affected and the process of swallowing can feel effortful.


Working with a voice therapist in 3-5 sessions of voice therapy is invaluable to help relax the muscles associated with MTD.  Just as a physical therapist may prove helpful to relax the leg or foot muscles after a muscle strain from a running overuse injury, the voice therapist will be able to get you back to a more relaxed voicing pattern.  The best news to give a patient sometimes is that no medicine or surgery will be required to fix their problem, and this is usually the case with muscle tension dysphonia.

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